Thursday, September 25, 2014

Liberty Tree Tactical Custom m81 Combat Shirt

I recently ordered a custom combat Shirt from a company called Liberty Tree Tactical. They are a tailor that specializes in tactical goods such as belts, ghillies, raid mods, and combat shirts obviously. I have been dying to get my hands on a nice woodland combat shirt but lack the funds to buy a Crye, and damned if I'm gonna use that China garbage, so I decided to check these guys out.

All of their gear that they make is made to order by the customers specifications, because of this there is a bit of a lead time (usually two-four weeks. The fitment is a bit larger than a standard medium but not too long and feels very comfortable. The stitching is great as they are hand sewn in the USA

 Their combat shirts can be ordered most colors besides (Multicam) khaki,Real tree, AOR 2, Marpat, tri desert, UCP, etc. I opted for the M81 obviously. The base shirts are either from Under Armour, Potomac field gear or FROG shirt, with sleeves of your choice, either BDU or ACU cut and sewn to fit the base.

 Add on's like the mandarin collar, velcro arm tabs etc can be added based on the customers needs and price range. All in all I ended up paying about $75 for it shipped to my door. Took about two weeks to get it here. It is a very comfortable shirt, durable, and movement is not hindered in anyway. The shirt does get a little warm due to the material of the base. It worked very well in the field, and if you can get your hands on one I highly suggest it. The owner is very understanding, and seems to be very willing to accommodate the needs of their customer base.

You can reach them here: on their website here: